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Friday, 29 July 2011

Driftwood fire

Driftwood Fire

Its tender, warm opaline glow---
Rises up as an iridescent helix
Combing the darkness gently.


When I first met him
He was pulling an arrow
Out of the snakes mouth.

And tonight we are standing waist deep
In the shallow rivulet, embracing each other
And I press my cheek on his chest and ask
Where are we going, dear, where are we going
I dont know, he whispers, but my darling
We are two pieces of driftwood,
Seldom destined to meet,
Let me treasure this moment forever
Because such moments never repeat.

I saw Roses leaping over the fences
When in grey waters, we lit our fire
And I heard moths beating their wings
I felt the old snow hills perspire.....


  1. I love the imagery you use in your poetry- it's truly beautiful.

  2. Beautiful... Thanks for the comment on my poem. :)

  3. Greetings from the UK. God bless you. Love love, Andrew.