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Thursday, 21 July 2011

I Am The One

I Am the One

I am the landscape, I am the panorama
From me into me, the snakes are slithering
On my stony outspread palm, olive colored toads leap
I am a piece of paradise, inviting you to stray into me.

I am a bright expanse, burning luminosity
I am the dry bushes, brambles and tree stumps
I am the creaking sound of aflame branches
And I am the approaching breeze, still wet with dew.

I am the shudder running through the tender blades of grass
I am a little nest of moths on underside of a nameless leaf
I am the rotten bread crumb, lovingly shared by a tribe of ants
And I am the blue-green sky sliding across the groves and thickets.

I am the sonorous moan of the oars dipping into silence
I am the murmurous ripple disturbing the waves
And in turn obscured by their upturned glitter
Now I am the golden bird that just alighted on your boats prow.

I am the bared sword of an alive sun gleam
I am the hard stubble that ceased to be a cornfield
I am the oozing drop of honey, I am the glinting trail of resin
And I am the tangled spiders web trying to thicken the undergrowth.

I am the white-haired serenity and I am the suckling baby
I am the One you can understand but cannot explain
I am the motionlessness of a long awakened rock
And yet I am no more than a loose end of the Knot.


  1. What exactly are you? You are intriguing!Excellent piece of wordsmith!

  2. You are a very wonderful poet.. can we exchange links .. Love the imagery and beauty and purity of your writing: Joy

  3. Oh wow...this was absolutley beautiful. You really do have a way with words. This was wonderful!

  4. I really like this... Excellent terminology used here.. :)